My New School

Monday, we had a training day. This was nothing like any INSET day I have ever been on. We were instructed to bring a change of clothes for a start (an instruction I did not follow, I took two rucksacks of stuff with me from London, clothes are not in plentiful supply)

The thing about Denmark is that the people here love coffee and handshakes. When Danes meet, even colleagues… even colleagues at an afterschool function, they like to shake hands.
This means when you have 40+ people, there are a LOT of handshakes. There’s a maths problem, I shall allow the interested student to work it out.

Then we had coffee and bread (not me though, I was too nervous), and then a man told us all about team work. This is probably an exaggeration:
He spoke for about half an hour about What should we do? What can we do? What will we do? What are we going to do?
This was before setting us any tasks.

The other English teacher stood next to me, translating. He would say one sentence every five or so minutes. Imagine the bit in Lost in Translation when Bill Murray is doing the commercial.

The tasks were a lot of fun. Compared to British training (one dark cold room. one powerpoint presentation. one boring bastard from the borough) it was really awesome.
We had to do things like build and ride rafts (though, I played more of a supporting-landbased role); build and operate A-frame walking machines, treasure hunts with walkie-talkies and trying to get some stupid balls from a stupid pipe with a bunch of weird shit from a box.

I got to meet my colleagues and get the measure of how they work. I think knowing Danish to a higher level than I do (fint, tak) would have been helpful though.

Then afterwards two awesome things happened. One colleague came over and invited me to running club (today) and another one invited me to look at a flat. Apparently it is the right size and a reasonable price. Yay!

The next day, I had unsettled dreams. Not nightmares exactly but very annoying situations in dreams.

I got up at about 8am and sidled over to school as I did not have any lessons.

Got my timetable, had it translated, worked out some lessons, had a meeting about one of the classes, found out that I could not have Danish lessons until I get a “person number” (think national insurance but for EVERYTHING), got a tax reclaim form from the other English teacher (hoping Inland Revenue owe me wonga), found out I have to go in person to the next town (Odense??) with a form, my passport and a photo to get a certificate, so that I can take the certificate to the town hall, so that I can get a tax card and person number.

Information overload was reached at about 1pm. Then I found out that a lesson I had “planned” is not going ahead because they are having a treasure hunt in the town.

All in all, exhausting but rewarding. Looking forward to running club. Apparently people have their paces on their vests and you run with them. How cool is that?