Freaking out quietly

Mostly I feel okay about emigrating next week.

I finally bought my plane ticket. One way ticket to Billund. Awesome?

After finalising my arrangements, I downloaded a free Danish flashcard program. I have learnt colours, numbers, days and some greetings. If I keep going over it, having a vocabulary will be very very useful when I start classes.

I am really not sure how to move country. People do it all the time. A lot of my friends are immigrants. A lot of my students are. I know people who have gone in the other direction. My thinking is, it can’t be that hard.

The thing is that I have no idea what I am getting myself into. I have no idea how much things will cost and how much disposable income I will have. I don’t understand their bureaucracy. I don’t understand their services.
There are questions about my bank account. For instance, will they still keep lending me credit card money if I don’t live in the UK (I think the answer is VERY NO.) Maybe I have to close my account and open a Danish one?

I have no idea.

The idea of just muddling through is so appealing. So much of my life is spent trying to control the uncontrollable. It is very interesting, trying to let go and just letting things happen.

A serendipitous email came yesterday, someone late to the freecycle party wanted to know if there was camping gear left. And there so was because so many people flaked out.

My major headache is that I have piles and piles of STUFF and it needs to be donated to Oxfam. But Oxfam is faaaaar. My flatmate has offered to drive but it is soooo much, it is going to take a billion years to load the car.

I wonder how much stuff I can reasonably leave for my Mum to collect. The kitchen stuff, the towels, the bedding…. but what about the shelves and the bedside cabinet?

It is good that I am finally thinking about it in daylight hours. Previously I would only think about it as I was falling asleep.