Went on a recce this week. I think I shall be very happy in Denmark. The pace of life will be a little slower but different enough to be exciting for the culture shock period, I hope.
The children I shall be teaching are just normal kids. Not angels but certainly not devils. I will no doubt blog extensively on the differences and similarities later. They remind me of the kids I taught in Cardiff actually. Just normal children not exposed to the grinding neglect and suffering from PTSD through living through wars or horrific abuse. Just kids.

They got me saying their Tongue twister within minutes of entering the classroom. You tube it: rod grod med flode maybe with some umlauts. They looked a little disappointed when I could say it which possibly means I am a winner.

I drank my body weight in coffee. Strong coffee. They love it. I also ate their malted bread so much that I passed a stool worthy of Lincoln in dimensions.

I will join as many clubs as possible, learn the language and hey presto, achieved one of my Out of Comfort Zone blog objectives. I knew I would emigrate before I learnt to dance. Gentle reader, did you?