Take that, ridiculous stereotyping

I saw a newspaper with a front page all about how TEH MUSLIMZ WILL RUIN EVERYTHING. They didn’t put it on their website (for some reason), so I cannot link to it.

The things in particular that Muslims will ruin/are currently ruining :-

* Parties
* Drinking beer
* Having short sleeves

Funnily enough, Baptistkirken, Pinsekirken, Frelsens Hær and Metodistkirken have a similar/exactly the same shitlist but I don’t see the Danish news reporting on how Christians need to stop RUINING EVERYTHING.

Let’s all watch a video of some British Muslims having a dance while we take a moment to consider how stereotyping one quarter of the world’s population is always a fool’s errand.

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3 Responses to Take that, ridiculous stereotyping

    • Kel D says:

      What that lazy hacks found a ‘controversy’ angle to make click bait by looking in the comments of a youtube video? No, it didn’t.

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